Custom Lobby Signs For Small Businesses: Top-5 Affordable Options

Custom Lobby Signs For Small Businesses: Top-5 Affordable Options

Custom lobby signs are an effective way to make a good first impression of your business to prospective customers. They also raise people’s perceived value of your business.

We at Rockville Sign Company are a team of highly skilled sign experts who will create the perfect lobby sign for your small business. And we will keep your budget in mind. Here are 5 affordable options for lobby signs that we recommend.

1. Wall Graphic Display

Wall graphic displays are the best option if you’re on a tight budget. Wall graphics are printed vinyl adhesives that stick easily to your lobby wall. You can purchase wall graphics and install them yourself. For larger wall displays, though, it’s recommended you hire your local sign company to install it for you. We can install an eye-catching and professional wall display for you.

2. Three Dimensional Letters

Three dimensional letters are a blown-up, sign version of your business card that are laser-cut, made from acrylic material. These features are what makes three dimensional letters ideal for a lobby. They are sleek and they give your business a high-end appeal.

3. Acrylic Signs

Acrylic signs are an ideal choice for a lobby sign if sophistication is what you’re going for and it’s what best suits your brand. Acrylic is quite durable and versatile in that you can have your business name, logo and other visuals or text printed on it in high resolution.

4. LED Signs

LED signs are eye-catching and inviting, which makes them a great choice for a lobby sign. What makes these types of signs cost-effective is their durability. LED lights emit less heat and they use less energy than other light forms which enables them to last much longer. LED lights can last for decades without the need for repair and regular maintenance.

5. Metal Signs

Metal signs make a bold statement about your business, which is what you want when first-time visitors enter your place of business. They add charisma, character, charm and sophistication to any lobby. Metal signs are made out of aluminum, bronze or stainless steel. These materials make it easy for you to customize because they enable you to use different colors and finishes for a more impressive lobby sign.

Whatever option you choose, we are here to help you create the perfect custom lobby sign for your business. We will work with you from the consultation phase to the final installation phase to make sure you are fully satisfied with your lobby sign. Contact our team today to find out how we can be your go-to sign shop for all your signage needs. Our team will truly work wonders to make every aspect of your signs stand out and make your business appealing to prospective customers.