Rockville Custom Channel Letters Signs

Channel letters are individual, three-dimensional letters or graphics that are usually illuminated. They are typically used as exterior signage by retail and commercial businesses.

Why Use Channel Letters?

Channel letters are great for identifying and promoting businesses. Channel letters can be tinted with different colors, can be just about any size you want, and can be designed in different fonts. One crucial benefit of channel letters is that they will increase your business’s visibility at night as well as in the rain, fog, and snow.

Types of Channel Letters

Channel letters typically have an aluminum body and an acrylic face. Channel letters can be attached directly to the wall or they can be mounted via a mounting structure, specifically a raceway or wireway. A raceway attaches the channel letters to the wall and it also houses the electrical components. A wireway is similar but it contains only the wiring, so it is thinner.

Work with Us to Get the Perfect Channel Letters for Your Business

Rockville Sign Company is a full-service sign and graphics company. We design, manufacture, and install highly visible and effective channel letters for clients in Rockville.

Our knowledgeable staff can advise you on what designs work best for your channel letters. We can suggest fonts, colors, and styles that look attractive and that are on brand with the image of your property or business. We keep our clients informed and in the loop throughout the whole design and manufacturing process. Our mission is to build long term relations with our clients so we may both continue to grow our businesses.

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