With all the tools, training, and sign code expertise you need packed under one roof, the Rockville Sign Company guarantees great results on every sign installation, no matter how big or small!


Why invest in professional sign installation in Gaithersburg, MD?

  • Improved visibility and wayfinding outcomes—According to a seminal study by the International Sign Association, nearly half of US consumers (49.7%) have failed to find a business they intended to visit due to poor sign visibility. While some visual acuity issues come down to poor design, such as low contrast or illegible fonts, many more are caused by improper installation.Insufficient lighting, inconspicuous placement, failure to account for seasonal obstructions (e.g., blooming foliage or snow drifts), improper sign angle and setback—all of these common installation errors can cost you millions of annual impressions, and seriously reduce your return on your business sign investment.
  • Better brand impressions—Just as consumers use your brand’s logo and graphic design as the basis of their first impressions, so too will they judge your brand based on the quality of the installation.
  • Installation safety—While some signs are suitable for DIY installations, such as simple peel-and-stick decals and freestanding A-frames, many require specialized tools, electrification, and working at heights. Professional sign installation not only eliminates these safety concerns for business owners, but also ensures that faulty installations never put guests, customers, or passersby at risk.
  • Sign code compliance—All sign installations must comply with the installation standards stipulated in the Gaithersburg Code of Ordinances, or Montgomery sign code, under threat of fines and sign removal at the owner’s expense. Our team can help you get the proper sign permit and make sure the installation is 100% code-compliant.

Free quote on sign installation in Gaithersburg, MD

Whether you need help with a few inches of vinyl lettering or a larger-than-life billboard, our sign installation experts are up to the task. From Deerwood to Germantown, we can help businesses and private buyers get great results with their custom sign installation.

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