Top-3 LED Sign Mistakes You Don’t Want To Make: Go Pro And Stay Safe

Top-3 LED Sign Mistakes You Don't Want To Make: Go Pro And Stay Safe

You could have the best LED sign on the planet, but if your installation isn’t on-point, nobody’s going to see it—and it could even end up costing you money.

To help you make the most of your LED sign order, and avoid some common and costly pitfalls, today’s post runs down the top-3 LED sign installation mistakes we see in Gaithersburg, MD.

Read to learn what not to do, and how our LED sign team can help, or call (240)-246-7423 to speak directly with an LED sign expert in Gaithersburg, MD.

1.  Neglecting Your LED Sign Code Responsibilities

As per Section 24-212 of the Gaithersburg Code of Ordinances, “it is unlawful for any person to post, display, structurally alter, install, or erect a sign in the city without first having obtained a sign permit.”

And if your sign requires a permit, you’re also responsible for ensuring that it is built according to the Design Guidelines in Section 24-210(3).

Finally, if you’re using an LED sign, you must meet all of the sign lighting requirements listed in Section 24-210A, which state that:

  • LED sign lighting must not adversely affecting vision on surrounding facing premises;
  • LED sign lighting must not adversely affect safe vision of pedestrians or operators of vehicles moving on public or private streets, driveways, or parking areas;
  • When LEDs are used for direct illumination on lettering or logos, the remainder of the sign face must be opaque;
  • LED signs must contain no flashing or blinking elements

If you fall short of these responsibilities, it could cost you. Not only will you be fined, but you’ll also be forced to pay for sign removal and remediation.

But when you work with the Rockville Sign Company, you’ve got nothing to worry about. We’ll take care of your LED sign permit, and we’ll keep your design, illumination, and installation on-track, too, every step of the way.

2.  Amateur LED Sign Installation

Even the most incredible LED sign design will fall flat if it’s not properly installed. Our team can help you find the right viewing angle, setback, height, and position for optimal visibility.

Of course, poor visibility is not the only risk of amateur installation. Improper installation can be dangerous for passing pedestrians and motorists, too. What’s more, many LED sign installations require electrification. Unless you’re a trained electrician or sign installer, do not D.I.Y. It’s not worth getting zapped or putting your community at risk, especially when we offer full installation with every LED sign order.

3.  Failing To Consider The Local Signscape

Your LED sign does not exist in a vacuum; local audiences will read it in the context of the larger signscape, which comprises both the signage used by the competition and the rest of your own sign system.

For best results with your LED sign display, consider the surrounding signscape as you scout out potential sites for your installation, and remember: the less visual clutter there is around your LED sign, the more passing audiences will engage with your marketing message.

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