Shop Smart: What To Expect From Commercial Sign Companies In Rockville, MD

Shop Smart: What to Expect from Commercial Sign Companies in Rockville, MD

Your sign is your #1 advertising asset, typically responsible for 50% or more of your local business, so be sure to evaluate commercial sign companies carefully before you buy.

To help you shop smart, we’ve put together a brief rundown of the bare minimum you should accept from modern commercial sign companies in your area. If the company in question does not offer these services, steer clear!

1.   The Best Commercial Sign Companies Offer Full-Service Support

If the commercial sign company in question doesn’t do it all under one roof, that means your project will likely be plagued by:

  • Endless drives back-and-forth across town to meet with your graphic designer, sign manufacturer, installation expert, and sign code specialist;
  • Hours on the phone or in meetings as the middleman, trying to keep everyone on the same page;
  • Design inconsistencies, potentially resulting in imperfect sign systems, with mismatched fonts, colors, materials, or sizing;
  • High prices, with fewer opportunities for bundling/bulk-buy discounts and customer loyalty rewards, since you’re spreading your purchases out among different providers.

But not with Rockville Sign Company. We are a true one-stop shop, providing end-to-end support with everything from logo design to sign production and permitting.

When you work with our team, you control everything from a single point of contact, you’re guaranteed great sign cohesion, and your project moves seamlessly from one stage to another, without any delays due to delivery times or miscommunication.

2.   The Best Commercial Sign Companies Have Experience In Multiple Industries

Different industries have vastly different signage requirements.

Whereas fast food restaurants require big, bold, illuminated signage with eye-grabbing primary colors, these signs would be completely inappropriate for a local law firm. Sign standards in the legal industry follow very different criteria, with designs that emphasize professionalism, precision, and perspicacity using clean layouts and muted palettes.

Even within the same industry, like Food, sign standards vary wildly as you move through different sectors. For example, consider the different signs used at a fast food restaurant and a fine dining establishment!

Beyond these important aesthetic standards, certain sectors and industries require special signage, and their designs may even be standardized by large governing bodies. For example, many construction companies will require special OSHA-approved safety signage, and even the average white collar business will need to make sure all permanent indoor signage is designed according to the ADA 2010 Standards for Accessible Design.

For best results, only consider commercial sign companies with experience in your industry.

Our team serves businesses in all industries, including:

  • Aerospace
  • Transport
  • Computer
  • Telecommunications
  • Agriculture
  • Construction
  • Education
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Food
  • Healthcare
  • Hospitality
  • Entertainment, and more!

To see some of the signs we’ve designed for different industries, check out our commercial sign gallery.

3.   The Best Commercial Sign Companies Offer Contactless, COVID-Safe Solutions

Until the pandemic threat period has passed, we’ll keep fighting to stop the spread and keep Gaithersburg safe. To that end, we have established ourselves as one of the area’s largest producers of COVID-19 safety signage, and our team remains committed to all pandemic safety protocols, including:

  • Proper masking
  • Social distancing
  • Employee COVID-19 screening
  • Contact tracing
  • Encouraging vaccination and booster shots

Additionally, we offer 100% contactless ordering options, giving you the ability to order, design, manufacture, and install new commercial signs without ever leaving the comfort of your home or coming into contact with our staff.

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