4 Signs It’s Time To Invest In Graphic Design For Your Storefront Signage

4 Signs It’s Time to Invest in Graphic Design for Your Storefront Signage

Today’s post runs down 4 signs it’s time to invest in a new logo or sign design for your business. Read on to learn more, or call (240)-246-7423 to speak directly with a graphic design expert in Rockville, MD.

4 Signs It’s Time To Invest In Graphic Design For Your Business

  1. Your current logo is incompatible with modern media. If your business was around before the internet changed the world as we know it, there’s a chance your current logo won’t work well on a website or one of the Big-5 social media platforms, such as Facebook and Instagram. It may have looked great in the Yellow Pages, but times have changed, and we can help you make a smooth transition into the digital age.

  2. Your logo doesn’t fit your brand or re-brand. With more than 40% of your audience looking at your signage to make quality inferences about your brand, there’s no denying that your logo is an important brand ambassador. If you don’t think it accurately reflects your current brand character or offerings, our graphic design team can help!
  3. Your logo no longer stands out. You might have been first on the scene back when you designed your logo, but now the local signscape is crowded with lookalikes and your signage is struggling to stand out. If you need help setting your brand apart, get in touch with our graphic design team.
  4. Your logo does not scale well. Logos get used on all kinds of different marketing materials, from pocket-sized business cards to larger-than-life billboards. If your current logo loses its resolution or readability when resized, our graphic design team can set you up with something better!

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Take advantage of our 5-star customer service and proven graphic design process!

Take advantage of our 5-star customer service and proven graphic design process!

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