To Print Or To Paint: Choose The Best Wall Mural For Your Business

To Print Or To Paint: Choose The Best Wall Mural For Your Business

Today’s post explains the benefits of printed wall murals over painted alternatives, then offers some simple advice to help you pick the best option for your business.

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To Print Or To Paint: Save Time And Money With Custom Wall Murals

Wall murals are a great way to enrich your property or place of business, giving owners the ability to build branded space, enhance outdoor wayfinding outcomes, and create thousands of passive impressions every single day, without having to spend extra on freestanding sign structures or heavy-duty building modification.

If you’re thinking about adding a wall mural, but you’re not sure whether to hire a painter or a sign printer, consider this:

  • Wall murals are much more affordable, costing only a fraction of what you’d pay to have a painter create your mural by hand
  • Wall murals are much faster to produce—in fact, if you’ve already got your artwork in-hand, we can start printing on the same day that you complete your consultation!
  • Wall murals are more durable and easier to repair, whereas painted walls are more prone to damage and more expensive to fix
  • Wall murals give you more design possibilities, as you’re not limited by the talents of your local artist—instead, you can bring any image to life in stunning color and high resolution

How To Select The Best Wall Mural For Your Business In Rockville, MD

There may not be a universal “best” wall mural that works for every business, but there is a “best” for you, and our wall mural specialists can help you find it. To that end, we begin every consultation with a thorough needs assessment, during which we’ll learn about your budget, target audience, needs, and preferences. Once we’ve got that information, we’ll offer a shortlist of recommendations, and help you understand all your different options.

For best results, we always recommend that you:

  • Stick to your budget. Don’t feel pressured into paying more than you planned to. One of the greatest benefits of wall murals is that they’re highly customizable, so you shouldn’t have any problems working within your budget. If you need to stretch your budget a little further, we can help you find the right materials, mural sizes, colors, and printing options to make it work.
  • Select a wall mural with your installation space in mind. For best results, we recommend scouting out the installation area before you place your order. This will allow us to set your design and mural specifications accordingly, so you won’t have to deal with any post-production sizing or installation issues. If you need help choosing the best spot for your wall mural, get in touch with our experts!

  • Consider your local sign code requirements. Some cities strictly regulate wall mural design to maintain a certain neighborhood aesthetic. If you live in Rockville, non-commercial murals are neither subject to design regulation nor permits, but business wall murals advertising products or services must comply with the standards stipulated in Section 24-210B of the Code of Ordinances.

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