Which Storefront Signs Are Best For My Business In Rockville, MD?

Which Storefront Signs Are Best For My Business In Rockville, MD?

Every business is different, but we’ve got storefront sign solutions to fit them all. Read on to learn more, or call (240)-246-7423 to get personalized recommendations from our shop in Rockville, MD.

Storefront Sign Recommendations For Rockville Businesses

1. Which Storefront Signs Are Best For Building Brand Authority?

Although sign quality matters more than sign type, channel letters, logo signs, and monument signs represent three of the most popular options for brand-boosting storefront signs. These sign types are used by some of Rockville’s biggest brands, and they give your business a bit of that “Fortune 500” shine, implying a level of authority and quality that smaller, cheaper signage cannot provide.

To view some of our best brand-building signs in action, check out our online sign gallery.

Not all of these storefront signs have to be big-ticket investments, either. With the help of our storefront sign experts, you can make smart material substitutions and remove extra features (e.g. lighting, dynamic elements, etc) to help control costs, while still bringing your business all of the same promotional power you’d expect from the Real McCoy.

To learn more about some of our best storefront signs, call (240)-246-7423.

2. Which Storefront Signs Work Best For Businesses Operating At Night?

If your business continues to operate after the sun goes down, you’ll want a lighted sign option.

In one study by the Interdisciplinary Journal of Signage and Wayfinding, research lead J. Bullough (2017) recommends the following:

  • In rural settings without much light pollution, use a minimum nighttime sign luminance of 35 candela per square meter, which is a unit of luminous intensity in a given area
  • On illuminated highways or in the presence of substantial glare from opposing vehicle headlights, signs, or streetlights, sign luminances between 70 and 340 candela per square meter are recommended
  • In very bright urban locations, a minimum luminance 700 candela per square meter, up to a maximum of 1700 cd/m², is recommended.

If this sign jargon sounds overwhelming, don’t worry—our team can point you in the right direction and recommend lighted storefront signs based on your specific needs, preferences, and budget.

We carry a wide range of lighted storefront sign options, including:

  • Channel letters
  • Fluorescent/CFL signs
  • LED signs
  • Digital signs
  • Light boxes, and more

Additionally, we can illuminate just about any sign type found in our catalog using external lights, so don’t feel limited by the vast lighted sign category!

3. Which Storefront Signs Work Best For Businesses With A Small Budget?

Storefront signs are the flagship, the marquee, the money-maker, but that doesn’t mean they have to cost a lot of money. While there’s no denying the wow-factor that channel letters and logo signs bring, we offer plenty of budget-friendly options that pack a great deal of promotional punch, including:

  • Custom graphics, which can transform your walls and windows into on-premise billboards, or add visual elements to existing panel/acrylic signs
  • Banners, which are produced quickly and efficiently using our large format printers, and which remain a timeless sales tool with versatile installation options (e.g. hanging, wall-mounted, etc)
  • Panel signs, which give you all of the verticality and size of billboards and big-ticket storefront signs, without the high cost or installation trouble

To discuss more great storefront signs that won’t break the bank, call (240)-246-7423.

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Bullough, J. (2017). Factors affecting sign visibility, conspicuity, and legibility: Review and annotated bibliography. Interdisciplinary Journal of Signage and Wayfinding, 1(2), 2-25.