Order Custom Graphics In Rockville, MD: Make A Big Impact On A Small Budget

Order Custom Graphics In Rockville, MD: Make A Big Impact On A Small Budget

Looking to make a big impact on a small budget? Print marketing might be the answer. Read on to learn 3 ways to use custom graphics for low-cost, high-impact advertising, or call (240)-246-7423 to speak directly with a sign shop in Rockville, MD.

3 Ways Custom Graphics Make A Big Impact On A Small Budget

  • Transform plain panes into high-performance promotional space. Custom graphics can be installed on just about any window surface, allowing you to transform plain window panes into inside or outside-facing billboards for your business.

    Like traditional billboards, window graphics allow you to send a big message, with letters blown up large enough to be read safely by passing drivers and made impossible to miss for pedestrians. But unlike billboards, window graphics are available for a fraction of the cost, and without any special permits, so you can get your message out there fast, with no major restrictions or prohibitive costs. Additionally, window graphics tend to be much more relevant to local audiences, since they’re advertising a product or service that’s available just beyond your doors, unlike billboards, which could be advertising companies several miles away.

    Not blessed with windowed frontage? Not a problem. Our wall graphics work equally well as “on-premise billboards.”

  • Take advantage of your biggest advertising medium: the floor! Your best advertising tool might be right under your nose—or right underfoot, as it were. Floor graphics are low-cost, long-lasting, and super impactful, as evidenced by a recent study by the International Journal of SIgnage and Wayfinding. Therein, research lead McNeish (2020) found that floor graphics greatly improved compliance with COVID-19 safety protocols early in the pandemic, and they were even read more often than traditional hanging signs at eye-level. This may have been due to their novelty compared to traditional signs.

    If you want to harness the power of floor graphics and take advantage of your biggest untapped advertising medium, we can help! Our floor graphics are 100% customizable, and our graphics and installation team will work with you until your order is absolutely perfect.

  • Bring your brand on the road with custom graphics for vehicles. Whether you command a massive business fleet or an unmarked daily driver, custom graphics can transform your ride into a billboard on wheels. Research by the American Trucking Association figures that the average custom graphic generates more than 15-million impressions per year, and for a fraction of the price of other sign types. In fact, according to a 3M Media Asset Value Comparison, custom graphics for vehicles are about 50-times more cost-effective than TV commercials, costing less than $0.50 per 1000 views!

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