Large Format Printing: Reduce The Risks Of Wayfinding Errors In Rockville, MD

Large Format Printing: Reduce The Risks Of Wayfinding Errors In Rockville, MD

Today’s post reviews research on the hidden costs of wayfinding errors, then explains how to prevent them with cost-effective large format printing services in Rockville, MD.

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Reduce The Risks Of Wayfinding Errors With Large Format Printing

Wayfinding errors are the business world’s silent killers, costing owners sales they didn’t even know they had, and in many cases, losing customers they paid to convert!

Consider this: according to the American Shopper Study, more than 60% of US consumers have failed to find a business they intended to visit because the store’s wayfinding systems weren’t up to snuff, with signs that were either “too small or unclear.”

This is a critical wayfinding failure. Not only did the sign fail to attract the eyes of somebody passing by; it failed to be spotted by somebody actively scanning for any trace of your store. In most cases, that means you’ve already invested money to make an impression and convert this prospective customer. Not only did your wayfinding system squander that marketing investment; it wasted somebody’s time and left a potential customer feeling frustrated about your business.

Indoor wayfinding errors can be just as damaging, both to your brand reputation and bottom line. The cost of wayfinding fails in the healthcare field has been thoroughly studied. According to recent data, no-shows related to wayfinding fails cost healthcare facilities upwards of $150 billion each year, and hospital employees waste an average of 4500 hours directing patients and visitors through large-scale healthcare facilities.

Fortunately, wayfinding fails are preventable, so your profits and productivity can be protected. And when you need to make your brand stand out on a small budget, large format printing is the answer.

Compared to wayfinding sign alternatives, large format prints are:

  • More versatile, able to be display hanging, freestanding, or as larger-than-life wall and window graphics, and easy to reposition to target different angles of approach
  • Easier to order and designstart your order with a single click, control the project from a single point of contact, then approve a single design proof to print as many signs as you need
  • More cost-effective, lasting for upwards of 5 to 7 years with minimal maintenance and generating thousands of daily impressions with large proportions and prominent positioning

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Rockville Sign Company is your one-stop shop for large format printing solutions, including:

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  • Custom large format prints—Order signage in any cut, color, size, or shape, and create stunning logos and graphics from scratch with our in-house design team.
  • Large format print permits and sign code support—Some large format prints require permits, and all designs must be compliant with the standards stipulated by Rockville’s sign code. Don’t worry—we simplify the permitting process and keep your sign design, installation, and maintenance fully in-line with local standards.
  • Large format print installation—While some banner applications are suitable for DIY installations, others require squeegee skills, working at heights, and/or expertly curing adhesives to get the job done, and we do it all!

If you live or work in Rockville, Maryland or any of the surrounding communities, there’s a good chance you’ve already seen our large format prints on display in shops, trade show booths, and storefronts around town. If not, be sure to stop by our large format printing gallery or connect with us on Facebook to see some of our work. We’ve helped dozens of local businesses go big and stand out with affordable, high-quality prints, and we can do the same for you.

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