Construction Sign Design: 4 Tips To Stay Safe On Site In Rockville, MD

Construction Sign Design: 4 Tips To Stay Safe On Site In Rockville, MD

Workers rely on effective construction sign design to stay safe on-site, and our design team is here to help. Read on to learn 4 tips to improve construction sign legibility and comprehension, or call (240)-246-7423 to start your construction sign order straight away.

Construction Sign Design: 4 Tips To Stay Safe On-site In Rockville, MD

  1. Avoid ambiguous language. Suppose you needed a construction sign to alert workers to an electrocution hazard. “Warning: Electrical Hazard” might seem sufficient, but this vague warning puts a huge number of readers at-risk, since it does not identify the specific threat or recommended course of action to avoid it.

    A better option might be: “Warning: Electrocution Hazard—Terminals on the line and load sides may be energized in the open position. DO NOT TOUCH.” Now the reader has the complete picture—they know what’s dangerous and when—and they can avoid the threat, even without construction expertise.

    Along the same lines, try to avoid using too much jargon. These insider terms are often opaque to outsiders. If technical terms are unavoidable, try to include clear images and graphics to get the message across.

  2. Consider construction sign templates. Templates aren’t recommended for primary business signs, but they’re a fantastic choice for construction sign projects. Why? Because stock construction sign designs are universally recognizable, and they’re pre-approved by OSHA and ANSI standards. And if you want to add branding elements to our design templates, bringing you the best of both worlds, all you have to do is ask.
  3. Crank up the construction sign contrast. Contrast is key for sign visibility, especially in low-light and inclimate weather conditions. It is no coincidence that most standard construction signs use black-on-yellow and black-on-orange, but don’t feel limited to these traditional palettes, either. Unless OSHA and ANSI standards state otherwise, our in-house construction sign designers can help you create high contrast with all kinds of colors!
  4. Go big with construction sign letter size. Undersized construction sign lettering reduces legibility and work site safety. The International Sign Association recommends making letters at least 1” tall for every 25 feet of viewing distance, but as long as you aren’t crowding your sign face, bigger is almost always better!

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