Commercial Sign Orientation Guide: Get Great Results In Rockville, MD

Commercial Sign Orientation Guide: Get Great Results in Rockville, MD

Effective commercial sign design is vital, but your choice of display site and angle could make or break your marketing effort. Don’t worry—our commercial sign specialists can help with both.

Reviewing research from the Journal of Transportation Engineering, today’s post explains how to orient your commercial signs to make them hard to ignore and impossible to miss.

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Optimize Your Commercial Sign Orientation To Drive More Sales

Even the most impressive sign designs fall flat without proper placement, but what is “proper placement,” exactly?

In a seminal study for the Journal of Transportation Engineering, researchers Zineddin et al. sought to determine the optimal display angle for commercial signage by measuring detectability and legibility under real-world conditions.

Using an open-field research design conducted along a commercial strip development zone, the research team measured the viewing behaviors of 120 participants when exposed to two basic commercial sign orientations: parallel (i.e. parallel to the roadway) and perpendicular (i.e. perpendicular to or facing oncoming traffic). Controlling for other sign visibility variables, including luminance, color, surround, and lateral/vertical offset, the researchers determined that:

  • Perpendicular signs were detected significantly more frequently than either of the parallel signs, even though the paralleled signs were two to three times larger than the perpendicular signs

  • Increasing the size of parallel signs does not significantly increase visibility

Based on these findings, we can safely conclude that perpendicular displays work best for commercial signs targeting in-car audiences, and we’ve got plenty of great sign options to help you put this theory into practice!

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