4 Quick Tips For Better Custom Sign Design In Rockville, MD

4 Quick Tips for Better Custom Sign Design in Rockville, MD

In the words of Alina Wheeler, author and award-winning branding specialist, “design is intelligence made visible.” If you want a custom sign design that looks smart, drives sales, and sticks in the minds of your target audience, our custom sign design team can help.

Read on to learn 4 quick tips for better custom sign designs, or call (240)-246-7423 to book a free consultation with our custom sign design team in Rockville, MD.

Quick Tips For Better Custom Sign Design In Rockville, MD

  1. Don’t be afraid of custom sign design templates. While it’s true that the best brand images are unique, there’s nothing wrong with using a template as a jumping-off point. Our custom sign design team carries a wide selection of proven sign templates with perfectly-calibrated proportions, white space, and balance, so you hit the ground running, instead of drowning in design minutiae. Swap in your unique logo, brand name, and colors, along with a typeface of your choosing, and nobody will know you started from a template.
  2. If you light it up, opt for internal illumination. External lighting rigs are available for just about any sign type, but internal illumination is by far the better choice. This was shown in a seminal study by Garvey et al. (2008), where researchers observed that an internally illuminated animal medical hospital sign could be read 2.36 times further away than its externally illuminated counterparts.
  3. Stick with mixed-case copy for better readability. DOES THIS COPY PUT YOU AT EASE? FOR MOST PEOPLE, IT FEELS LIKE BEING SCREAMED AT—and it’s terrible for your sign readability, too, which isn’t hard to imagine when you consider that 99% of the text we read is written in mixed-case.

    In fact, in one study by Garvey et al. (1997), researchers found that guide sign readability scores dropped by more than 30% when upper-case letters were used in place of mixed-case copy. With this in mind, if readability is your goal, you ought to stick with mixed-case copy.

  4. Limit yourself to 2-3 fonts. With so many typefaces to choose from, it can be tempting to use a whole bunch at once, but this is a mistake. When you break the “rule of 3” without good reason, your sign starts to look more like a graffiti wall, and readability suffers.

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The sign design tips shared here will get you far, but our custom sign design team can take your on-premise advertising to a whole new level, and in a fraction of the time it would take to do it yourself. Whether you need an experienced eye to suggest some final tweaks and finishing touches, or you’re starting from scratch, our full-service approach guarantees great results and quick turnaround times.

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