Window Graphics Do’s And Don’ts: Best Practices For Design And Display

Window Graphics Do's And Don'ts: Best Practices For Design And Display

Window graphics are an effective form of advertising for the following reasons: They are visually appealing and much less expensive than traditional signage; two things that make window graphics economically sustainable, especially for new business owners.

When done right, window graphics can instantly grab passersby attention, entice them to enter your place of business and check out your services or your line of products.

Once your window graphics have been designed and printed, it’s time to place them on your window and show your community that you’re open for business. As with anything, however, there is a technique to proper window graphic installation. We at Rockville Sign Company are a team of specialists who have years of experience in sign and graphic design. We also have the know-how of proper window graphic installation. Here are some tips we do and don’t recommend for window graphic installation.


– Thoroughly clean the surface area of your window where you are going to install your graphic. Use Windex and a microfibre cloth for best results.

– Once your window is completely clean, use masking or painter’s tape to tack the top of your graphic to your window. Make sure the tape is half on the graphic and half on the window for ease of removal as you install your graphic.

– Take a step or two back to study your graphic’s position. You want to make double sure that it is completely straight before you continue with the installation. It’s best to have a second person with you because, most often that person will catch a flaw that you are unable to see. But if not, you can use a tape measure and a level to make sure that your graphic is straight.

– Lift the bottom of your graphic and remove the liner, gently and slowly.

– Using a spray that consists of one drop of soap mixed in with 750 ml of water, lightly spray the window and the adhesive side of your graphic as you place it. Work from top to bottom.

– Use a squeegee to force the water out from underneath your graphic. Work your way from the center and outwards. This will help prevent any wrinkles and air bubbles from forming.

– Once you’re fully satisfied with how your graphic looks, it’s time to remove the tape. Lift the tape from a corner and gently peel upwards and outwards so that you don’t run the risk of tearing or pulling your decal off the glass.


– Avoid the use of ammonia-based cleaning products as they can cause bubbles to form underneath your graphic.

– Window surfaces that are beveled, curved, dimpled, or irregularly shaped are not recommended for window graphics because their rough surface will not allow your graphic to adhere properly.

– Install your graphic in direct sunlight in the mid to late afternoon hours. Too much heat will prevent your graphic from sticking properly to the window’s surface. It will also quickly dry out the film you are using to coat your window, creating streaks which gives off the appearance of a foggy or scratchy surface. For optimal results, it’s highly recommended you install your wall graphics either early in the morning or in the evening.

– If you have never installed a window graphic before, don’t have help, or you’re just not confident in your abilities to install it on your own, it’s best that you get your local design shop to install it for you.

If you are thinking about using window graphics as a way to promote your business, consider Rockville Sign Company as your go-to-shop for all your design needs. We will design a window graphic that you will love and that will help bring in customers and sales. Our team will even install it for you. Give us a call today to find out how window graphics can help grow your business.