Make Brand Messages More Memorable With Custom Wall Graphics & Murals


Looking for ways to boost your brand image and make your message more memorable? Custom wall graphics and murals make it easy, unlocking endless on-premise branding potential for businesses in Rockville, MD.

Read on to learn a few ways you can make your brand messages more memorable with custom walls graphics and murals, or call (240)-246-7423 to speak directly with a sign specialist in Rockville, MD.

Create More Opportunities For Branding With Custom Wall Graphics And Murals

  • Anchor your signage system with supersized on-premise displays. Every sign system needs a centerpiece, a flagship, a marquee that all smaller signs stem from or point customers towards. While you may have plenty of exterior branding, many in-store marketing systems fall short in this area, focusing instead on informational, wayfinding, and promotional signage. By installing branded wall graphics or murals inside your business, your in-store audiences keep your brand name on the brain for the duration of their positive customer experience.
  • Created branded photo opportunities with custom wall graphics and murals. Whether you’re hosting a charity gala, a job fair, a big sale, or some other community event, you can get more facetime for your brand by setting up a custom backdrop for photos with wall graphics and murals. Your brand logo and custom message will appear in media photos, selfies, and local social media feeds, getting you tons of free advertising.
  • Use custom wall graphics and murals as signed cards. Instead of overpaying for a forgettable department store card, you could use custom wall graphics or murals for a more memorable memento. Simply install it on the wall of your office or building, and encourage guests to sign messages and well-wishes right onto the graphic. At the end of the night, take it down and offer it to your guest of honor.
  • Build branded space with custom wall graphics and murals. Branded spaces are realms of experience where customers can encounter and experience your brand firsthand. These immersive spaces communicate your brand’s value, character, and company spirit, creating “multi-sensory brand experiences” that foster brand loyalty, drive sales, and create memorable customer interactions (Hulten, 2011, p. 256). The effectiveness of creating branded space is borne out by several studies, and it’s never been easier to build.

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Hultén, B. (2011). Sensory marketing: the multi-sensory brand-experience concept. European Business Review, 23(3), 256-273.