Germantown Custom Vehicle Wraps

Rockville Custom Vehicle WrapsVehicle wraps is the use of printable vinyl material to turn cars, trucks, and vans into mobile billboards. Wraps can be partial or full wraps that cover the entire vehicle surface. It can be customized with graphics, text and images to create any desired look to meet your marketing needs.

Why Use a Vehicle Wrap?

Work vehicles tend to get a lot of mileage. A house painter in Germantown is likely to spend a lot of time driving to different homes across Montgomery County. A plumber in Aspen Hill might routinely drive to Washington to do jobs. A rental van company in Germantown will have customers driving their vehicles all over Maryland. Without a vehicle graphic, all that driving would simply be time lost commuting and money lost on fuel. However, with a vehicle wrap, all that time driving is also time spent promoting a business.

Types of Vehicle Wraps

Some people prefer simple vinyl lettering spelling out the name of their business. However, others will want to go all out with a vehicle wrap for a large-scale advertisement for their business. A wrap displays an image on multiple sides of a vehicle, thus appearing to wrap around it. Wraps often display logos, graphics, slogans, as well as business names, phone numbers, and website addresses.

We Can Turn Your Car, Truck, or Van into a Powerful Promotional Tool

Rockville Sign Company is a full-service sign and graphics company in Gaithersburg, MD. We design, manufacture, and install attention-grabbing and durable vehicle wraps for clients in Germantown.

We can appraise you of your vehicle graphic and lettering options before we start. We only use high quality adhesives so your vehicle wrap will not peel off easily or damage your vehicle’s finish. Don’t let that empty exterior vehicle space go to waste.

To get started, please contact us today.