North Bethesda Custom Projecting Signs

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Projecting signs, also called blade signs, stick out (or project) from the external walls of buildings. Projecting signs can increase the visibility of your business by increasing the number of angles from which your business messaging can be seen.

Why Use a Projecting Sign?

Projecting signs typically identify and promote businesses. To illustrate the utility of a projecting sign, imagine a café on the east side of a narrow, pedestrian-heavy street in North Bethesda. Without a projecting sign, pedestrians, cyclists, and motorists traveling north or south are unlikely to notice the café if it only has a sign installed directly on the face of the business. However, with a projecting sign, people coming from either direction will notice this North Bethesda café.

Types of Projecting Signs

There are a wide variety projecting signs and finishes available, from traditional to modern designs and even digital signs. One option is you can hang the sign panel from the support. Not every building allows for the space for a hanging projecting sign, and windy streets can pose a problem, but by swaying in a gentle breeze the sign panel can attract more eyeballs.

Work With Us to Maximize the Visibility of Your Business

Rockville Sign Company is a full-service sign and graphics company. We design, manufacture, and install attention-grabbing and durable projecting signs for clients in North Bethesda and nearby in Maryland.

We provide warranty for our projecting signs, as we do for all our workmanship. Our designers are skilled at designing projecting signs that not only catch the eye, but which also accurately represent your business’s aesthetic. Furthermore, our designers consult closely with our clients and keep them in the loop throughout the whole process. Our mission is to build long term relations with our clients so we may both continue to grow our businesses.

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