Germantown Custom Wallpaper

Custom Wallpaper
Digitally printed wallpaper or custom wallpaper utilizes the latest in print and material technology to provide customers the ability to create large scale graphics for indoor use. Major advantage over traditional wallpaper includes ease of application and removal, and ability to print high quality images and patterns.

Why Use Custom Wallpaper?

Custom wallpaper can be used large scale promotion, branding, advertising, or decoration. The high quality of material and print creates visually stunning backdrops. A Germantown record store can use custom wallpaper to brand the space inside their store. To set the right mood, a Thai restaurant in Germantown could use custom wallpaper depicting images of Thailand.

Types of Custom Wallpaper

With digitally printed custom wallpaper, you can print just about any image you want on your walls. You can print photographs, drawn graphics, a logo, a slogan, motivational messages, or the name of your business. Selecting the right material for your use case is also important to ensure longevity of the wallpaper and meet your budget requirements.

Work With Us to Create the Perfect Look for Your Interior Space

Rockville Sign Company is a full-service sign and graphics company located in Germantown, MD. We can design, manufacture, and install high quality custom wallpaper for clients in Germantown.

We can go over all your custom wallpaper options with you before we design an attractive, vibrant, digitally printed custom wallpaper that is unique to your business or property. We will keep you in the loop throughout the entire design and manufacturing process and we provide warranty for all our workmanship. Our mission is to build long term relations with our clients so we may both continue to grow our businesses.

To get started, please contact us today.