Cost-Effective Signage: Unlock The Hidden Savings Of Digital Signs

Cost-Effective Signage: Unlock the Hidden Savings of Digital Signs

Digital signs are often considered premium advertising solutions, but they’re actually among the most cost-effective marketing mediums available to business owners.

Read on to learn three ways digital signs can save you money, or call (240)-246-7423 to speak directly with a digital sign specialist in Rockville, MD.

Cut Your Advertising Budget Down To Size With Digital Sign Solutions

One of the main benefits of digital sign solutions is that they are endlessly reprogrammable, and doing so requires very little tech-savvy—if you can send an email or update your social media status, you can handle digital sign customization.

In this way, your investment in digital sign solutions could save you thousands annually, eliminating the need for seasonal sign orders and custom prints for limited-time promotions. What’s more, the ability to quickly customize digital signs means you never have to pay out of pocket for design remediation in the event that your signage does not comply with Rockville’s sign code—simply hit the backspace key and type out something code-compliant, and you’re done.

Go Paperless (And Go Green) With Digital Sign Solutions

According to one study published in Corp! Magazine, 82% of companies are still spending billions on paper each year—a whopping $8 billion annually, in fact. Or should we say that they are wasting money on paper, since we live in the Digital Age, where most high-performance marketing campaigns take place out of print, on the internet, on smartphones, and of course, on digital signs.

Digital signs allow you to display, animate, and modify messages at a moment’s notice, without ever consuming a single piece of paper. Compared to the print-based competition, that means your messaging is faster, more relevant, and more engaging than standard print material, not to mention cheaper and more eco-friendly, which is something more and more customers demand from businesses in 2021.

And not only will you save on the costs of printer paper; you’ll also save energy that would otherwise be wasted on printing and photocopying, which can really add up.

Invest In Big Energy Savings With Efficient Digital Signs

According to research by Energy Star, the nation’s small businesses spend more than $60 billion a year on energy.

Fortunately, cutting energy costs is easy, as long as you choose the right digital sign solutions. At Rockville Sign Company, we have a wide range of energy-efficient options, such as LED lighting and timers, which can save you more than you spent on your digital sign after only a year or two of run time.

In fact, in one case study, a veterinary clinic switched to LED digital signs to achieve $540 in annual savings and prevent over 10,000 of CO2 emissions!

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