Cost-Effective Marketing: The Value Of Vehicle Wraps In Rockville, MD

Cost-Effective Marketing: The Value Of Vehicle Wraps In Rockville, MD

If you’re not taking advantage of vehicle wrap marketing, you’re leaving money on the table! Today’s post reviews peer-reviewed research from 4 studies highlighting the value of “mobile billboards” for both mass marketing and targeted marketing in Rockville, MD.

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Studies Show Cost-Effectiveness Of Vehicle Wrap Mass Marketing

Whether you’re trying to boost your general brand recognition or get the word out about specific sales or events, custom vehicle wraps offer unparalleled mass marketing performance. But don’t take our word for it—the cost-effectiveness of vehicle wrap marketing is borne out by several studies, including:

Increase Your Targeted Marketing Returns With Custom Vehicle Wraps

Vehicle wraps aren’t just for mass-marketing; they’re also one of the most cost-effective targeted marketing tools out there.

“Fleet graphics offer a great deal of targeting flexibility,” write 3M researchers in a new vehicle wrap report . “You can select routes and messages to target specific demographic groups, and GPS technology can help optimize your routes and provide information.”

For example, you might adopt any of the following targeted marketing tactics with your new vehicle wraps:

  • Drive your custom vehicle wraps past Strayer University or Montgomery College to target postsecondary students and budding professionals
  • Drive your custom vehicle wraps past the Rockville Senior Center during an outdoor event to get your message in front of aging Baby Boomers and other members of the 65+ demographic
  • Drive your custom vehicle wraps through the Rockville Business District to target business professionals
  • Drive your custom vehicle wraps through Rockville’s industrial districts to boost B2B sales
  • Park your custom vehicle wraps at a local sporting event to target specific sports fans and athletes

If you need more help with targeted marketing ideas or how to design your vehicle wraps to appeal to specific demographics, get in touch with our team.

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