Germantown Custom Cabinet Signs

Cabinet signsCabinet signs are signs housed in a cabinet, or box. It is usually illuminated. The light is located behind the sign panel. They can be attached to a wall, hung from the ceiling or be free standing.

Why use Cabinet Signs?

Cabinet signs are versatile form of advertisement. It can be mounted or free standing. A cabinet sign can save you money over time. If you want to change the message or images on your cabinet sign, you will not have to buy a whole new sign. Instead, you can easily swap out the sign panel. Addition illumination makes the cabinet sign stand out against other visual stimuli.

Types of Cabinet Signs

Cabinet signs are typically rectangular in shape. The sign panel can display text, graphics, a logo, a slogan, and/or anything else. At the Rockville Sign Company, we can design a cabinet sign that is not only attractive, but meets your budget.

We Can Design the Perfect Cabinet Sign for Your Space

Rockville Sign Company is a full-service sign and graphics company. We design, manufacture, and install high-quality and durable cabinet signs for clients in Germantown. And we provide warranty for our workmanship.

Our knowledgeable staff can draw up a design for your cabinet sign or use a design of your suggestion. We can suggest the materials that will work best with your space, and we will communicate with you throughout the whole process. Our mission is to build long term relations with our clients so we may both continue to grow our businesses.

To get started, please contact us today.