Beginner’s Guide To Ordering Custom Business Signs In Rockville, MD

Beginner's Guide To Ordering Custom Business Signs In Rockville, MD

Thinking about ordering custom business signs in Rockville, MD? Today’s post is for you. Read on to learn why so many businesses opt to go pro with their signage systems and explore the 4 most popular ways to order custom signs—or call (240)-246-7423 to get started straight away.

When To Order Custom Business Signs In Rockville, MD

These are just a few of the reasons you might want to go pro with your custom business signs in Rockville, MD.

1.   You Want To Build Brand Authority And Drive More Sales

A seminal study by the University of Cincinnati found that 41.5% of US consumers have made quality assumptions about a brand based on their business signage. That same study also found that more than a third (35.8%) of US consumers had been drawn into unfamiliar stores based entirely on the quality of their signage.

If you want your signage to do the same, consider ordering custom business signs in Rockville, MD instead of trying to make your own. Homemade signs can communicate business messages in a pinch, but they do little for your brand image or sales. In fact, a recent study published in the Interdisciplinary Journal of Signage and Wayfinding found that the use of homemade signs created “customer uncertainty,” suggesting a lack of formality and organization. In contrast, professional business signs conveyed “a sense of certainty and knowing,” which increased consumer confidence and even fostered long-term brand loyalty.

2.   You Want To Avoid Business Sign Fines

According to the Sign Regulations for the City of Rockville, “all commercial signs require a sign permit,” and even temporary non-commercials signs, such as yard sale and real estate signs, must meet the city’s sign design standards.

Failing to secure a permit or meet Rockville sign design standards could cost you. Not only will you need to pay a non-compliance penalty, but you’ll also have to cover the costs of the inspection, removal, and redesign.

Thankfully, avoiding business sign fines is easy—all you have to do is order your custom business signs from our Rockville sign design specialists. We’ll ensure your design is completely compliant with the Sign Regulations for the City of Rockville, and we can help with your permit, too.

3.   You Want To Light Up Your Business Sign

“Illuminated signs are not typically a do-it-yourself project,” writes the International Sign Association. “As with any type of construction, illuminated signage typically requires permitting, and in some cases, electrification.”

Why take the risk of a botched installation or electrical hazard? We specialize in custom lighted signs, and our team can handle everything from permitting to electrification.

3 Ways To Order Custom Business Signs In Rockville, MD

  1. Select a proven business sign template.  Need something fast and affordable that doesn’t compromise on quality? We offer a wide range of proven designs for you to choose from. This is a great option when time is of the essence, or when you’re buying standardized signs (e.g. OSHA signage) that do not require custom designs.
  2. Submit your vector artwork. If you already have a logo or design in mind, or you’re a franchisee with fixed marketing materials, simply submit your artwork and we’ll reproduce it in flawless detail and stunning full-color, on any sign type you choose.
  3. Create a custom design with our in-house graphics team. Whether you’ve got a mote of inspiration or a crystal-clear vision, our in-house graphics team will help you bring your design to life, all while keeping your sign compliant with Rockville standards.

To get started with your custom business sign order, simply call 240-246-7423 or fill out our short contact form on our website.