3 Ways Floor Graphics Influence Sales: Marketing Research Roundup

3 Ways Floor Graphics Influence Sales: Marketing Research Roundup

Floor Graphics Are Criminally Underrated As Marketing Tools

When most people think of powerful promotional signage, images of soaring grand marquees, channel letters, and pylon signs come to mind, but a growing body of research says the best marketing tools are often found indoors and underfoot.

In today’s marketing research roundup, we review 3 empirically proven ways floor graphics boost sales for local businesses, then explain how easy it is to order custom floor graphics of your own.

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Research Review: 3 Ways Floor Graphics Influence Sales

1. Floor graphics engage customers and influence behaviors. Numerous studies now show that floor graphics are very good at grabbing attention and encouraging in-store audiences to take specific actions.

For example, in one report for the Interdisciplinary Journal of Signage and Wayfinding, researchers Kellaris et al. (2020) looked at the influence of floor graphics on behavioral modifications in the context of COVID-19 safety protocols. Across 4 experiments, the researchers sought to measure how effective floor graphics were at encouraging pro-safety behaviors, such as wearing masks and maintaining social distance. At the end of the study, they found that floor graphics were both highly conspicuous and highly influential, encouraging pro-safety behaviors in the majority of guests.

“It may seem hyperbolic to claim that signs save lives, yet in the case of COVID-19 prevention signs and floor graphics, this may literally be true,” wrote Kellaris et al. (2020, p. 60). “Floor graphics can play a vital role in encouraging behavioral changes.”

But what about buyer behaviors? Can floor graphics influence those, too? One study by Emerald Group Publishing says they can. While measuring the impacts of simple, non-verbal floor graphics on in-store audiences, researchers found that a simple red arrow pointing at a product display was enough to “significantly affect customer movement patterns,” encouraging more shoppers to consider the product display than was observed with the control group (Nordfält et al., 2014).

3 Ways Floor Graphics Influence Sales: Marketing Research Roundup

This simple floor graphic was enough to “significantly affect customer movement patterns” in one study. Imagine what your design might be capable of!

2. Floor graphics increase customer dwell time. It is well established that there is a significant and positive relationship between dwell time and sales, and floor graphics might be the best way to get in-store audiences to peruse your products. In one study by the Center for Advanced Retail & Technology, researchers found that the presence of promotional floor graphics led shoppers to linger around product displays for 280% longer.

3. Floor graphics simplify in-store wayfinding. In The Psychology of the Floor, Dr. Joseph King wrote that people are “hard-wired to periodically reorient themselves by looking down at the floor,” which might explain why floor graphics are so effective for in-store wayfinding. Whether you’re looking to direct people to your product displays, or you simply want to smooth the customer experience for better brand associations, floor graphics are the right tool for the job.

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